Sidecut Park

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Just downstream from the Jerome Road Rapids is Sidecut Park (actually the entire area is technically Sidecut Park). The rocks aren’t as sharp, and there aren’t as many deep dropoffs. You can usually wade in whether you have low or high water and it’s not as dangerous as the rapids. However, if the water level is high and the flow rate is high, almost every part of the river is dangerous. So be very careful.

You’ll notice that one of the deep channels comes close to the north shoreline here. This is very convenient for anglers. You don’t have to wade as far and can fish from shore in a lot of this area. Because you can reach some of the deeper channels from shore, it can be a nice spot to stop by quickly after work for a few casts on the way home. This area stretches up to the 475 bridge area and you can reach deep crevices under and around the bridge as well.

The river does begin to widen up a bit here and the flow is not as high as the rapids region.

The deepest channel is still on the south side of this area and you will need a boat to get to it. Plenty of walleye hide in there.

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