Fish being caught!


Walleye are finally being caught. The rain last week brought the water levels up to very high levels which finally brought the fish in. Walleye finally started pushing up the river and most were being caught in the White Street and Orleans Park area.

With the water level finally dropping back to the 581-582 range, the fish should push up further into Fort Meigs, Towpath, Sidecut, and back up to Jerome Road.

Most fish are still being caught early, before 10 AM. There are some being caught throughout the day, but not as fast. It does slow down quite a bit after the morning feeding.

Water temperatures have fluctuated, but are in the correct range. They have hoovered right around 42 degrees, which is perfect.

This has been a longer winter season with colder temperatures lasting pretty deep into April. We are still having below freezing night time temperatures, which is quite remarkable.

The next few days, daytime temperatures are supposed to be between 50 and 80 degrees, which should bring a lot of people (and fish) to the river.

Water clarity is back up to 6-8 inches. Bright, chartreuse like colors in the morning and darker colors in the afternoon are still working the best.

Chartreuse, white, pink, orange heads have worked in combination with various sparkle tails. Stop by the local pro shops and the dealers on the river and ask them. They see all the fish that are coming in and can give you details.

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