The Maumee River offers one of the world’s greatest walleye fishing experiences. Every March and April, thousands of fisherman from around the world descend on the Maumee to fish for walleye. If you are new to Maumee River Walleye fishing, then we are your headquarters for everything from locations, maps, guides, lures, gear, tackle, techniques, and little known secrets and tips.

Ever wonder what locations work best? Which lures to use? What rods and reels to use? How to rig your lures? How to cast and reel them back in? Where in Maumee to go? Where to park? Where to drop your boat? Shore fishing locations?

We are your headquarters! We have everything you need organized in a very simple and straightforward manner.

The Complete Maumee River Fishing Guide

Grab The Complete Maumee River Walleye Fishing Guide. Updated for 2022!

The Complete Maumee River Fishing Guide Book is Back and better than ever! After Amazon.com banned the book back in 2015, we went back and forth with them for over 4 years to no avail. We are now making the book available to everyone, skipping the middle man!

Maps to all the SECRET HONEY HOLES!

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