Bluegrass Back Channel 2

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More of the riverbed structures further up in the back channel of Bluegrass Island where it reconnects with the main river channel. Some of these areas are private property.

Here you can see the deep holes and channels. Walleye will hide in them.

Almost the entire width of the back channel can be accessed with shoreline fishing and wading is not necessary. In fact, wading may be getting in the fish’s way. Most of the back channel is about 15-20 yards across, nearly everyone should be able to cast that far. There is one area where it can span about 90 yards depending on water levels.

Try to drop your jigs into the deep holes and let them float and drift in there.

You will lose a lot of jigs here if you aren’t rigged properly. The sharp rock formations will grab your gear and it’s hard to break free. Since the water is rapid, you may be able to flip your bail open and let out line to see if the current can un-snag you.

On this map you can also see the south side of Bluegrass Island. There are tremendous deep channels and fishing opportunities here. There is a rock shelf that you can use to wade our to the middle area where you can cast into that deep channel.

Fishing off Bluegrass Island in this area is very productive as well.

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