Jerome Road Rapids

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The Jerome Road Rapids, or Fallen Timbers Rapids, are a lot of fun to fish, but can also be dangerous. On the map above, the rapids are labelled “Maumee Rapids”. “Downstream” in this map and most of our maps is heading in a northeast direction or to the top right corner. The bottom left corner is upstream.

Most fishermen fish downstream of the rapids. The Jerome Road area runs from the rapids all the way down to the area across from the last million dollar home. You don’t want to be right in the rapids, but just downstream of them.

Take a look at the middle channel that’s rather deep. There are a lot of quick drop-offs, holes, and the floor is all sharp, hard shale. You will lose a lot of gear here if not knotted properly (see our gear section).

When the water is high and the flow is high (above 582), this is a dangerous and a treacherous area to wade into, with most fisherman staying very close to the shoreline.
When the water level is very low, you could walk almost all the way to the middle (except for that deep channel). Cast into the deep channel for walleye.

Take a very close look at all the structure. Know where you are standing and what is below. Take out your phone, pull up our website, and look at these maps when you are
out there. This can be a very dangerous part of the river.

The river here is about 120-150 yards across depending on water levels. When the water level is high, it can even be as wide as 180 yards across. From shore you should be able
to cast about 30-40 yards if done properly, you can reach some of the deeper holes and channels when the water is lower.

This is a narrow part of the river and there is a bit of a squeeze going on with the shallow rock bed of the rapids and the river getting narrower, the water runs over the rock bed
quickly and has high flow and high current even at lower water levels.1

Boaters will be able to access the deeper channel on the other side of the shore close to the million dollar homes.

Jerome can be fished in high and low water. There is always current, and there are always the deep channels.

This area is usually very crowded with fisherman lining up just downstream of the rapids, all the way to the area across from the last million dollar home.

If you want to avoid the crowds and have young children with you, go downstream of the last million dollar home, and there will be very few people there. We have caught plenty of walleye downstream and not just in the areas that are crowded.

Another secret technique is to be upstream of the rapids. There are a few walleye that make it past the rapids, especially when the water levels are high (above 582). There won’t be a lot of people there, and we have caught a few walleye there. It’s just not as productive, hence less crowds.

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