475 Bridge

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A lot of this area is accessible from shore. There are two deep channels that run on either side of the bridge close to the shoreline. The middle section is flatter and more shallow.
Walleye don’t like the shallow middle area.

To access the middle flats, you will need a boat. You can’t wade out that far without falling into the deep channels. Be very careful of those two drop-offs.

From shore, you can access the deep channel on the north side of the bridge by parking under the bridge in Sidecut Park.

You should be able to cast 40-50 yards, almost all the way to the second bridge pillar, from shore using a 3/4 ounce or 1 ounce weight.

The bottom is very rocky and you can snag a lot. You will think you have a fish on, but will end up just fighting snags and lose your leader and or just your jig head.

There is also a lot of structure behind the bridge pillars. Walleye like to hide in the currents created by the pillars, water flows fast around the pillar and eddies are formed right
behind the pillars. You can cast into these areas aiming to entice walleye to strike. You can also see some nice deep pockets around the closer pillars.

Here the river begins to widen and the flow and current is not as high as the Jerome Road area.

Farther downstream from the bridge, you will see any area that is very deep and spans almost the entire width of the river. You will see a shallow rock shelf downstream from the
bridge where it says “Maumee River” then another “Maumee River’ downstream from that. That is the area we are talking about. Although, you don’t see a lot of walleye anglers fishing this area, they really should be. It’s deep and holds a lot of fish. It’s hard to access from shore or by wading, because it’s quit a bit away from shore. Boats troll and fish this area frequently. See if you can get on a boat and fish this nice depression in the river

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