White Street 2

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White Street and Harrison Street areas come together at this tip. It is still called Towpath on the north side of the river. You can fish this area similar to Towpath and White Street 1 area. You can even fish into the back channel around the Audobon Island. Some of our largest walleye over the years were caught in that back channel off the Audobon Islands further back in the deeper areas. But you will need to know someone that owns a home back there or use a boat.

You can wade a few feet into the water or almost all the way across to Orleans Park when the water level is below 582. The river widens up and becomes very shallow here.
The current is slower as well. At certain water levels, the waders from Orleans and the waders from White Street are just a few feet apart.

There is a deep channel that runs through the middle, and that is what everyone is trying to access.

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