Who Are We?

We are a dedicated group of anglers that began fishing on the Maumee River together back in 1984. A lot has changed over the years, but we wanted to create a basic guide for local and out of town anglers that want to jump right in and fish and not have to waste a lot of time trying out different gear and experimenting.

We are out on the river every day answering questions and helping others out. We wanted to create a valuable resource for all Maumee River walleye anglers to help them get started quickly.

We also wanted to archive and document the riverbed on a website that allows us to see the river floor when we are out on the river from our phones. While you are out on the river, you can pull up our maps and see the river floor quickly. We have been able to archive the riverbed during drought years, and you can see every pebble on the river floor. This helps us identify the structure, the deep crevices, main channels, and pitfalls in the river in areas we want to fish. It’s incredible to think that in March, when the snow and ice has just barely melted away, we can pull up maps on our phones while out on the river that show us the bottom of the river. That excites us and we wanted to share that with others.

In March, when the water is high and the flow is rapid, you could never imagine being able to see (or remember) what’s under the water. These maps are invaluable! Did we mention how awesome these mobile maps are?

These maps used to be our little secret, but we’ve shared them with so many anglers over the years, that we decided to just make them public and publish them on a website for all to enjoy and share!

By far the best quick start guide on fishing the Maumee River for Walleye. In large format, 8.5 X 11 inch pages, full color with full color maps and diagrams. It contains all of the information from our website in print format so you can take it with you on your next fishing trip or share it with a friend! Get one today!

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