Bluegrass 3

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We decided to add a third Bluegrass Island section and highlight the most productive area with a red line. Because this area could not be seen on our other Bluegrass maps and is one of the hottest fishing spots. The area highlighted by the red line is where you will catch the most walleye the most consistently if you are going to fish Bluegrass.

Remember, Bluegrass is not always accessible. You can only cross when the water level is 581 or less.

In front of the red line, you will notice a very deep channel that is easily accessible when you wade just 6 feet into the river. And because of the way the river bends and that higher shelf of rock downstream, there are nice eddies that form and areas of slower flow so the walleye can hide and ambush bait fish. It’s the perfect scenario to catch a lot of walleye.

The morning bite, right at the break of dawn, is always the best. Get in there early, get your limit, and then leave.

After about 10AM, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of fisherman standing thereĀ  trying to catch the same few fish that still haven’t been caught yet. Don’t waste your time with that. It’s very hard to catch fish after the morning rush.

It also gets very difficult, because you are catching other people’s lines. It gets very hard to catch fish when there are 50-60 guys on either side of you casting their lines.

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