White Street

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If you keep going downstream on the river from the Maumee Perrysburg Bridge, you will get into “Towpath Proper”. This is the area that is most commonly know as Towpath, all the way down to White Street and the Audobon Islands.

Here you can wade into the river, depending on water levels. You can fish from shore, but most will wade to avoid brush and debris near the shoreline so they don’t snag when they are reeling back in.

You can catch some pretty big walleye here. Towpath is usually very hot at the break of dawn.

When the water level is below 582, Towpath and Orleans Park are not as productive. In fact, the Orleans area is not even fishable.

This area of Towpath is about as wide as it gets. In one area its 300 yards across. It’s very shallow and the flow rates and currents are not very high. That’s why walleye like to park and  hide out here at night ambushing slow moving food in the slow current. And that’s usually why it’s so productive at the break of dawn.

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